Rihanna CAUGHT On Her KNEES In Hotel Room!!!!!

The pic lightened to see her on her knees..

Damn… when will the competition end?! So many things going on in this Rihanna/Chris Brown/Karrueche love triangle. This past weekend, Chris was spotted with Karrueche in Paris – which was funny cause Ri posted up a pic of her and Chris in bed during the same time.. which actually happened to be an old pic. (Trying to throw us off there though, huh Ri?) But Rihanna has now taken it a whole new level, which is really starting to look like a competition more than anything. Rihanna posted up a picture of herself – on her knees. At first I couldn’t really tell what it was (it was dark + my bad eyes), so I decided to lighten the picture up for you so you could see for yourselves how wild she is (check it out in the gallery). The pic was captioned, ‘“Risky Business” #Paris’. You can’t see MUCH, but it’s enough! Enough to see that Rihanna was definitely giving Chris Brown that good.. hea.. never mind, let’s just say ‘cephalic’. Damn, Ri.. no chill at all. It really makes me see how whipped both women are for Chris. Or is it really just competition between two attractive women? But did Rihanna take it too far? Rihanna, ya freak! Guess those Pisces chicks know how to get down..


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